AzbarEurope is an exclusive dealer for Azbar Plus Inc. Company, that has been designing, manufacturing, and selling bar, restaurant and hotel control and management systems and related services for over 20 years. Using its technology and expertise, it seeks to supply the bar and restaurant industry with effective and efficient tools for operations control and Management.

Azbar's capacity for innovation and its strong growth have earned it several awards for excellence. More than 16,000 installations in Canada, the United States and Europe confirm the quality of products and services.

Our company in co-operation with European partners have developed application interfaces to which AzBar systems are linked to billing and settlement systems for catering facilities in accordance with the regulations of the EU. In addition to installation and employee training, AzbarEurope offer consulting services to potential and existing system users in order to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide catering companies the best solution for managing business by implementing high performance systems.